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The Craft

In today’s world of product, the norm is the mass produced. One does find, however, that anything mass produced looks and feels, well, mass produced. With picture framing it’s no different. For all of the claims of ‘custom’ work out there (and everyone claims it), it is remarkably hard to find work where the frame looks and feels as custom as the piece within it.

Our frames, unlike ‘the norm’, don’t start with an order placed for generic frame moldings cut to length from a framing supply centre. Here, we start by actually hand selecting the right piece of rough lumber. This individual piece of wood is then ripped, planed, cut, joined, sanded, stained and finished - all by us and all by hand - into a frame that is as individual as the artwork it is made to enhance. Because of this method of creating every frame that we make, everything - width, depth, wood type (and wood-grain - we are big on wood-grain!), colour and finish - can be based totally on the piece that we are treating. We use dozens of types of wood, and have extensive knowledge of the unique qualities and possibilities of each. And, because of the fact that we are doing the work all by hand, despite our obsessive perfectionism, our frames have those immeasurable inconsistencies which you don’t necessarily see, but definitely feel. In the end, we just believe that with things like apple pie or picture framing, you just can’t beat something that’s made by hand.

In regard to the materials within the frame - the mat, glass and mounting boards - it goes without saying that, like any framing store worth its salt, we only use high end product and, when called for, can provide the very newest and best.

Basically in all areas we just really really care about the quality of our work.