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At Catch-23 we do simple - extremely well.

For the past fifteen years we have focused almost exclusively on providing clean, classic, museum-style picture frames for anyone with an eye and a passion for detail. What sets us apart is our honest, friendly, professional service and the fact that with our frames, custom actually means custom. Unlike anywhere else, our frames are handcrafted from the raw materials for each and every individual work that comes through our doors.

With so many options available, deciding on the right frame for a photograph or art object can be a bit overwhelming. At Catch-23 we are passionate about seeing your piece presented in the best possible way. If the type of framing that we do doesn’t suit the work that you bring in to us, we will happily point you in the right direction to have your piece’s needs met. However, if a classic modern look does suit, we will provide you with a frame that, for all of its simplicity, will simply stand out.

Our Framing Philosophy (yes we actually do have one)

As we see it here at Catch-23, a frame serves two functions. The first is to protect the work. The second is to enhance it or 'set it off'. Seems simple enough.

Too often, however, one or both of these criteria are not met in the many picture frames we’ve come across. As to protecting the works, we use only the highest quality materials available and have extensive knowledge and experience with proper mounting methods for your art work. On the aesthetic level, we feel that a frame should sit well with a piece and should be a beautiful object in its own right, but should never try to either become a part of the work or compete with it. We frame each individual piece with the idea of drawing the eye to the work, while giving it the visual space to stand alone. The woods and stains that we use on our frames are often quite stunning on examination, but our end goal is always to give the work the visual priority.

All images courtesy of Dean Palmer Photography